Workbooks & Worksheets

Click the image and Download these workbooks to use with your students. Click on the video images to go to the video shown in the workbook.

For schools that adopt us as their platform, we also have for all levels, a full 4 skills textbook. See samples here.  We also are currently producing a full student workbook for our Beginners course. View the syllabus HERE.

                 EnglishCentral Hotel and Tourism Coursebook                       EnglishCentral Basic Business English Coursebook Famous Speeches
           Hotel & Tourism                        Business 1                     Famous Speeches
                EnglishCentral commercials                      Using video in the classroom                 EnglishCentral Basic English Coursebook
              Commercials                      Using Video                  Basic English

Worksheet Workbook (All)       |  Discuss_it (PDF) |  Discuss It (ppt) |  Language In Use Workbook   | Teach | Learn coursebook  |  Pronunciation Presentations  |   Video Response worksheets   |   Video Appreciation worksheets

50 Ways to use EnglishCentral in the ELT Classroom.

Individual worksheets:  Devil wears Prada    rapping flight attendant     Tokyo a cool city      April Fools day      How to cook pasta     The purpose of good grades   What is truly important      Do you speak English       I have a dream


  1. Yukishirleyrubyguv says:

    Hi I really like the idea of having the workbooks, but can they be printed out?


  2. Yes, there is a print icon at the bottom right.


  3. Sorry, it looks like you can print a page or two pages from that icon. To print the whole workbook you need to download the book. That’s the next icon to the right with a down facing arrow. Click on this icon. Next a window will appear. Click on “Download” and save the file to a suitable folder. Then go to to the folder, open the file and print.


  4. It says the page isn’t functional! What do I do now? These look wonderful!


    • Hi Lisa,

      Can you try again or post the page link here? I tried all the book pages and they are working. Download by clicking the download icon in the bottom right corner of each flip book.


  5. Beth Holland says:

    I was looking at the Discussion Book pdf. There are discussion questions listed for each video but the cloze exercise page is the same for every video; it is a repeat of the first video on books to movies. Is there an updated version with pages that match the videos.


    • Hi Beth,

      Sorry we saw this comment so late! Our apologies. Yes, there was a miss up load and the wrong file was there. Now replaced/updated. Here it is directly or find it on the workbook page (also a ppt there). Thanks for letting us know about this.



  1. […] like to remind teachers (but students can use them on their own too!) about our workbooks that are quick to print and use in class. See links to them below and sample classes with the […]


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