Using Your EnglishCentral Teacher Access Code

We are pleased that you have chosen to use EnglishCentral as a teacher and you can get started right away by using your Premium Access code.

Your access code is a twelve digit number that provides you with Premium seats for you and your students on EnglishCentral.  Follow these steps to use the code and get the seats for your students.

1.  Register as a teacher on EnglishCentral (it’s easy!). You’ll have to add a class first – take the tour to learn how to do this.

2. Go to our Teach Store (or if in the tools, click the “Buy Seats” tab.

3. Enter your 12 digit access code and verify (you’ll get a green check mark).

4. Click submit and view your seats in your account on the Teacher Tools.

5. Assign the seats to your students on your class list (or invite students, then assign).

Here’s a handy video tutorial outlining the process.   Have a great time using EnglishCentral with your students!


Director of Education – EnglishCentral

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