Practice makes perfect!

It’s a very old saying but so true, especially for English language learners! Practice does make perfect. The more you study, the more time you spend engaged with the English language, the better you’ll get.  It’s one tip that absolutely works and provides results. Here at EnglishCentral, we believe great videos will keep students on […]

More Research Showing EnglishCentral Ahead Of The Pack

It’s always a pleasure to receive news of a presentation or a research paper that highlights EnglishCentral. Even more so when it clearly shows that we are way ahead of the pack in terms of helping students acquire/learn English. This new presentation and paper highlights how students/teachers feel about EnglishCentral in comparison to many other […]

A message from the Dalai Lama

The Dalai Lama is speaking to the Japanese but it could be any country. We all need so much to “let go” when learning a language. Let go and relax, not be afraid to make mistakes. Language is a skill and will only develop and “grow” when learners really allow themselves to relax and just […]