Transcripts – *New and Improved

Teachers will be delighted with the “new and improved” transcripts now available on EnglishCentral. They give teachers an instant lesson plan and include; A full transcript of the video audio shown line by line The featured and study vocabulary in the video lesson Comprehension questions to check student understanding Discussion questions to prompt student speaking […]

50 activities to enjoy teaching during the holidays

It’s Christmas time and no better season to be teaching!  Enjoy teaching with your students with this gift from us – 50 activities for teaching English. Of course, check out our whole selection of holiday videos on EnglishCentral. Something for every teacher and every student.  

Authentic vs Educational

We feel proud at EnglishCentral as being leaders in promoting both “Immersive Language Learning” and also “Authenticity” through our video content. Learners bloom and grow through lots of input that is non-scripted. There are some major reasons for using authentic materials with your students. See a full discussion of them, in the presentation below. However, […]