A perfect listening lesson

Listening is a highly important skill for students to practice. Last week in this post – “The Ears Have It“, we elaborated on how research outlines just how important our ears are. This week as a follow up, let’s go over the delivery of a perfect listening lesson. There can be multiple stages to a […]

Transcripts – *New and Improved

Teachers will be delighted with the “new and improved” transcripts now available on EnglishCentral. They give teachers an instant lesson plan and include; A full transcript of the video audio shown line by line The featured and study vocabulary in the video lesson Comprehension questions to check student understanding Discussion questions to prompt student speaking […]

Helpful Teacher Resources

We at EnglishCentral are here to help teachers and have a staff that has been in the English language classroom and knows what it takes to succeed there. We’d like to remind teachers (but students can use them on their own too!) about our workbooks that are quick to print and use in class. See […]

"Imaginative" ways to use EnglishCentral

Creativity is the hallmark of a good teacher or student. They know how to take “somewhat” dry content and spice it up, approach it from an angle and let it shine much more magic. Here are 5 creative ways to use EngishCentral. Bet you never thought of these effective ways to harness the power of […]