EnglishCentral “Super User”: Hector Alonso

It was a pleasure to speak with Hector Alonso the other day. Hector is one of the many amazing students we are highlighting on EnglishCentral this summer.  He shares many of his own tips and thoughts about using EnglishCentral effectively to achieve a high level of English language fluency. He sure is an inspiration!   […]

EDUKWEST talks to EnglishCentral

Kirsten Winkler and Edukwest talked with our V.P. of Product, Travis Millman. They discussed a lot of the beliefs and actions behind effective online language learning and specifically on EnglishCentral. Fascinating. A big thank you to Kirsten and like she says – we are interested in your comments about our experiment so far!

EnglishCentral – an interview.

Our CEO and founder, Alan Schwartz is interviewed by Jeff Lebow of Koreabridge at the recent Kotesol National Conference in Daejeon, Korea. A stellar and engaging interview on the evolution, present state and future of EnglishCentral. A big thanks to all the Kotesol organizers and especially to Jeff for his insightful questions!