Vocabulary Quiz Setting

It’s important that students study the vocabulary from the video that is at their appropriate level. Too many hard words in the quiz makes it all guessing and no learning. Too many easy words in the quiz makes it boring, boring, boring. This video shows you an easy way to set the vocabulary at the […]

Get more info about student activity

Teachers really want information about student online activity. It helps them in so many ways. On EnglishCentral, we give teachers lots of information about students but mostly in the form of a class list or a report which you can export. To get visual information about a specific student, you’ll have to download the report. […]

Inviting Students

We’ve been working to make the process of inviting students to your EnglishCentral class, much simpler and transparent. Part of the forthcoming changes include notifications to both teacher / student that they’ve successfully enrolled in a class. Also, the ability to enroll many students at once (just send to teachers@englishcentral.com a .csv excel file of […]

Premium Features – The Vocab. Quiz

One of the things we’ve learned from our recent Teacher’s survey is that many of our members don’t know about our Premium features. That is both good and bad. Good because you are getting the benefit of our free features without constant reminders of “pay”. Bad because members aren’t aware of the awesome power of […]

The EnglishCentral Player

The player is the core of the EnglishCentral learning experience. It is very powerful and full of features. We want everyone to know about these features and how they can be used. Here’s a nice tutorial by a professor, showing you all of them! Teachers – remember you can also just play the videos in […]

The Hidden Challenge

One great tool that is available to learners and teachers on EnglishCentral is the “Hidden Challenge”. It challenges the learner to listen for and then “speak” the missing words in the video.  Very much like the old “cloze” exercises that teachers used to prepare for songs, dialogues or many types of audio in the classroom. […]

EnglishCentral adds languages

Our blog now has additional language support. Get translated and native written articles in Japanese, Korean and Portuguese (Brazil). More content will be “blooming” from these blog categories soon! We aim to better serve local markets and will be expanding our language support in the coming months. Spanish is next up for the EnglishCentral website. […]

A video "super" dictionary

http://video.ted.com/assets/player/swf/EmbedPlayer.swf What you see on EnglishCentral is just the skin, the surface. There are a lot of people making things happen and a lot of research and analysis. A lot of data getting collected. Our business is language. Further, the analysis of language through a large “video corpus”. Or you might say a “video dictionary”. […]