EnglishCentral Brochure

We have a new brochure to share with our wider community. It highlights all that EnglishCentral can do to help solve the problems encountered by schools, teachers and students in regards to English language teaching and learning. Take a look and pass it on – your help in sharing the our revolutionary video language lesson […]

Teachers On EnglishCentral

Teachers get our special attention on EnglishCentral and we are doing our best to nurture our teacher base around the world. Most teachers “get it” – that video IS the new textbook, especially when students can study the video vocab. , speak the video and learn from “real” context/content. We need teacher support as we […]

Spread the news about EnglishCentral

Here is a handy copy and informational brochure about EnglishCentral. Download (Go here and click the button below) and share with all who are concerned that we aren’t doing enough to get our students learning English and prepared for the 21st century. Join our video learning revolution!