Summer Premium Trial Offer


Thank You to all (hundreds!) who participated.

The trial is now over.  If you are considering using EnglishCentral at your school. Please see our Academic Pricing page and order forms.

EnglishCentral doesn’t close its doors during the summer! In fact, we will be terribly busy preparing for the new school year. No time on the beach for us!

We want as many teachers as possible to experience teaching with our powerful set of Teacher Tools – a full Learning Management System where you can enroll students, make your own class page of videos and courses and track all your students’ progress while learning with motivating authentic video content.

So, we’re offering all teachers 3 summer months of free Premium access. This includes Premium access for 30 of your students.  It’s easy to get started and after the summer, we know you’ll decide to use EnglishCentral after your test drive.  Get started in 3 easy steps.

1.  Register as a teacher on EnglishCentral.  It just takes a second.  (or if already a member, sign in).

2.  Answer a few short questions about yourself.  Then go to the teacher tools where you set up your class page and manage students.

3.  When in your Teacher Tools, click “Buy Seats” and go to the Teacher Store.  Enter this12 digit access code.


 Verify and then submit the code. You’ll now have 30 Premium seats for your students to use.

4.  Finally,   go back to your Teacher Tools (click Manage) and add a class (click the + sign).  Now you are ready to invite students, select video curriculum and goals and design your unique Class page where your students will come to study on EnglishCentral.

Use these short video tutorials below, to help you with the process of registering and entering the access code. You can also click “Video Tutorials” in the tools and get more helpful tutorials showing you all the powerful features of EnglishCentral.   Use our RESOURCES page to get our course catalog, teachers’/students’ guides and plenty more.

Good luck teaching on EnglishCentral and we are here to help. If you have any questions Contact US or email us at . Leave us a quick comment to tell us how it is going when you have time! And don’t be shy to let other teachers know about our incredible summer trial offer!


  1. It would be great if you could set the ‘summer vacation’ deal time to August and September in Japan, as that is the summer vacation here. Students are busy with classes, reports and tests through the first week of August, which makes it difficult to take advantage of your wonderful offer!!


    • Hi Amy,

      I will inquire with our team this week. We have to coordinate with our office / team in Japan and for this type of decision, will be their call. We don’t want our “free” offers to conflict with all our paid clients. But could be possible and I’ll update here after talking to them. thanks!



  1. […] Here is a nice overview of the EnglishCentral platform, highlighting all the essentials for schools and teachers. Share with colleagues and your PLN (personal learning network) and let them know how powerful a set of tools and learning platform, we really are. Even take advantage of our  Free Premium Summer Offer! […]


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