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  1. Anonymous says:

    It is good to add a feature that search for special word and you find exact line the word is used in a movie. Something like practicing and learning words but this time you search the word you like.


    • David Deubelbeiss says:

      This feature will come out in a few weeks. Use the search box and you will get a video playlist of that word. Go through the videos and see the word used in short passages and in video context. 


  2. Dmitche2 says:

    Can you add a “songs” topic?  I have a good one for you to start with:  It’s called “When I First Came to This Land” and is an American folksong, albeit silly, which makes it all the better. It is great for teaching Thought Groups and focus words for suprasegmental practice. The original author is Oscar Brand, 20th Century.


  3. EnglishCentral says:


    Great song! Perfect for language learning.  I will pass this along to the content team and if it gets published, it’ll take a week or two to be posted. 

    We do have some songs posted but the major problem / limitation is that many songs just aren’t great for our technology (hard to process the voice with music as background sound). But we do want more music on EnglishCentral and I’m going to be asking for Happy Birthday to get on there. 

    thanks for the suggestion. Perfect. 


  4. Dmitche2 says:

    Hi, David. When you get the songs list going, can you add “Do You Believe in Magic”? It’s originally by The Lovin’ Spoonful, but there are many copies on You Tube.  It’s good practice for Do/Don’t with Simple Present.


  5. Anonymous says:


    I know the song well!  And yes, a perfect song for do/don’t and asking questions.  Might be problematic but I’ll pass it by the content manager. The reason is that once upon a time, Youtube had major problems (lawsuits) with music companies. MAJOR. Youtube almost was forced to close.(you’ll also remember how many songs got the audio cut out then) But they came to agreements but specifically, those user generated videos can only really be used on youtube, as per those agreements. That’s what makes it hard – youtube is now part of the monopoly they first sought to crack/break. 

    But might be possible….  I do wish education got a pass for this sort of thing. 


  6. Hi
    English Central of course uses videos on the internet to learn pronunciation – that is what English Central is all about. However, I also understand that you don’t use the original sound from the video clips to check our pronunciation but uses a sort of standard pronunciation of each word. That suggests that you have a repository of pronunciation data of virtually possibly all the words we use, right?  It occurs to me then, we can use that repository in a good use. 

    Imagine you are preparing your presentation, or speech. Naturally you want to practice the phrases and sentences you want to use in that presentation/speech. Isn’t it great if you can upload these phrases to English Central (in your private page, I guess), and read and record them and English Central checks your pronunciation, by pulling together the sound files from its repository for the words included in the phrases?  

    I have to do a lot of presentation in my job (in English, of course), and I would be happy to pay some more bucks for such a service!



    • Great suggestion!  I don’t know if it will be practical for the learner to save prhrases and language like you suggest but I can see a “study Library” as helpful. A place for students to keep the things they need to study – like a notebook does for a textbook…. 

      I’ll send on your suggestion to our project list and get the opinion of our tech team. 



  7. Victor manuel acevedo says:




  8. Victor manuel acevedo says:

    iswifter is the correct name of the app. that we can use to watch videos with IPAD .


  9. How about being able to search for videos by accent. I have lots of students going to Australia from my college and they want to get in a little ozzie practice before they go. Being able to search for vids. by broadly differing accents e.g., US/Can-UK-Aust/NZ would be great. Put Singapore / Malaysia / India / Kenya (and anywhere else I’ve missed) in there too if you want.


  10. Raffaella Mignatti says:

    Hi, I’m a teacher at an Italian high school. I’ve started using English Central a bit and I find it very interesting and useful. In my school we’re introducing the so-called CLIL methodolody into the different classes. The acronym means “Content and Language Integrated Learning”. It means that teachers of different subjects, like for example History, Geography, Biology, Chemistry, Art History, Maths and so on have started to teach their subjects or part of them in English. I’m in charge for enhancing and developing this methodolody and therefore I’m looking for stuff that can be used in the classes. I’ll give an example: the Maths teacher is going to introduce the “Radicals” soon. We need visual material to help with the specific language (microlanguage) and it would be perfect if we had a couple of lessons registered in a real classroom with English subtitles to learn vocabulary and pronunciation and let the students train this by repeating (your method). I really suggest that English Central dedicates a specific section of the website to online lessons made available on the Internet. The CLIL methodology, in fact, is becoming more and more important in the teaching practice not only in Italy but all over the world and I’m sure helping teachers do this would grant a huge success to your wonderful site. Just think about it! 


  11. Anonymous says:

    thanks everyone for the very insighful comments. A response in line.

    Wolf:  great idea for our development bucket. We do indeed have the world’s largest 2nd language spoken corpus from which we could realistically create a search. You search for your sentences, load them and then record and we check them for you…  We are approaching this and I’ll be sure to let our speech scientists know about your approach. 

    Forbes: you raise an interesting case for better tagging on our site. I’m going to get our content team looking into this. Like you, i do see a user case scenario and need….

    Raffaella: Yes, we will be focusing on more ESP / EAP content and this will fall in line with the CLIL approach. We also want to make it easier for you to find these videos too. We have just around the corner some actual classroom content that you’ll be interested in. We’ll be launching “courses” and you’ll be getting specific academic lectures on many topics. Can’t say more than that! 

    Thanks for all the feedback, keep it coming



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