We know how important it is for student to have access to the best English language learning resource online. That’s why we have been offering scholarships to selected schools around the world.

What is the EnglishCentral Scholarship Program?

Every month or quarter, EnglishCentral will award premium memberships to both individuals and classrooms that can benefit from a scholarship award. A set amount of seats are set aside for the program.  Teachers or school administrators must apply for the scholarship award by filling out the form below.

Why is EnglishCentral doing this?

We really want everyone to use our revolutionary technology. We realize some might not have the means and we want to give these groups or individuals the opportunity. Others might just warrant a scholarship because of they are doing amazing things – as a teacher, learner or classroom.

Who is Eligible?

Any school or class is eligible so long as in the application, they show why they’d benefit from an EnglishCentral scholarship. Fill out the application in brief. Further, we’d like you to send us a short video or presentation outlining who you are and why you’d like a scholarship. Any and all applications read and accepted. Please send any materials and attachments to


  1. Abdelhalim Adel says:

    This site is amazing in English learning I advise who want to study well to use it.. Thanks a lot to all people who design and who work to prepare such as this site


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