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  1. The English Central player video above is based on the old player. I would like to see a new video and or article with very clear directions and description of the functions of the new player. Am I missing something? Is it here and I just can’t find it?

    And if my answer gets a response, will I only know by looking here? Do I get any notification?  Are all comments responded to by EC? A few days ago, I asked in this blog about some training, and so far as I know, I have not gotten an online response. 

    Where do I even find the thread of the conversation? 


  2. Anonymous says:

    We will have a video out once we’ve received and reviewed all the feedback on the player and consolidated any changes. 

    Did you see the comprehensive blog post about the modal player on the day it was released?

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  3. Elohimyeshua777 says:

    This section is awesome !


  4. Aparecido Jane says:

    Why the answer delay from is to high? I think EnglishCentral site is very well, but help for student is bad. I send question and no answer, and when I have answer, the answer is bad.


  5. I´m trying hard to get myself registered as a teacher, but I find myself getting back over and over again to the site were it says : Mi ingles explorar on the left top buttons
    Am I missing something?


    • Hi Jan,

      I took a check on our system and saw that you were successfully registered as a teacher. You should see a TEACH tab (change the language to English at the top). Click the TEACH tab and make class pages, put video lessons and courses on them and invite students to study your curriculum. Lots on this page to help you.
      If you have any further questions, please reply here or attend our weekly webinar.



  6. Dear EnglishCentral: Perhaps you could organize the list of English downloadables at the top of this page (Resources) in some fashion to make it easier to fathom intended audiences (students, teachers, …) and purposes for those resources. Production dates on the items would be nice, too. Cheers, Paul


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