Courses for Young Learners (K-12)

We have developed a number of courses for young learners (K-12) user the Series Name: Let’s Learn.

Let’s Learn is a series video courses designed specifically for school age children, K-12.
Each course is professionally designed with video curriculum that will motivate and help young learners gain spoken fluency and master essential vocabulary.
Blended with both educational and authentic video content, students have fun learning English in an immersive environment that is highly contextualized by video.  Students learn interesting content while also learning English.
Let’s Learn courses allow students to master basic structures of English in a sequential manner. Each video includes specific learning objectives.  The vocabulary is graded and  students acquire words  at specific levels of the GSL (General Service List).  As students progress through the video units and WATCH, LEARN and SPEAK the videos, they’ll gain confidence and ability through our unique speech recognition feedback and spaced interval vocabulary system.

View:       The Full Catalog (PDF)    The Promotional Powerpoint (PPT)

                  The Course List    Course Word Lists

                  A Class page (enroll in the class and try them out!)

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