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Dear EnglishCentral Teachers,  

We have a lot of new information to share that might help you better use EnglishCentral.

Find all the news below.  We are here to help all teachers, so don’t hesitate to get in touch whether it be a question about using EnglishCentral, about video curriculum or getting Academic Premium access.
We are here to help.  Contact us here >>>>



1.  Blended Learning Webinar. 

Blended learning isn’t as easy as just getting students to go online and learn. There are many considerations and this webinar July 7th at 11am EST will address these as well as introduce teachers to the basics of this important way to deliver curriculum. 


2.  Why EnglishCentral Works

We are asked often about the pedagogy behind EnglishCentral. An important question and now we have a concise answer. View the infographic showing the pedagogical foundations of EnglishCentral and why so many schools are finding success through video based English language teaching. Here Makoto Ishiwata describes how he teaches with EnglishCentral and uses a private Facebook group “The EnglishCentral Fighters” to motivate his students!


3.  EnglishCentral In The News

Michael Horn, an authority on the use of blended learning in education recently wrote about a visit he took to schools in Vietnam. A highlight was his tour of Olympia schools and he notes how they are using EnglishCentral. Read more here >>>>

Larry Ferlazzo, a NYTs blogger and teacher in California lists EnglishCentral as one of the main tools he’s using in his Virtual Summer School. He writes;

“English Central is great, of course. You set up the class and students enroll themselves. You can assign videos or, as I did, just let students pick any and you can track their progress. It’s very inexpensive to create virtual classrooms, and you can get fifty “seats” for free just by attending an online Webinar about the site.”


4.  Grammar Course Survey
Thank you to all the hundreds of teachers who filled out our survey about what grammar courses they’d like to see on EnglishCentral. Here are the results and know we are busy building them! 

View All Our Grammar Courses  


Tips And Tricks

 50 Ways To Use EnglishCentral
There are probably many, many more but here are 50 sterling ways you can use EnglishCentral. They range from simple tips like telling students to re-record red lines to recommendation of courses for special purposes. Truly the ultimate resources for any EnglishCentral Star Educator. Download and read here >>>> 

“Video is the new textbook.”
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