Courses are launched!

A fantastic and simple way to learn or teach English through professionally curated content and learning material. Teachers just select a course, invite students and then sit back and get the reports of student progress. See our full offerings HERE or download our Video Course Catalog or new Corporate Catalog.

Here’s some information and stay tuned for a full rundown with tutorials and instructions.  Get courses by selecting the Browse tab or teachers can get them through their Curriculum page.  We will start with over 30 courses with some fantastic partner content from Nat. Geographic and Garnet Education

Here’s a brief tutorial for teachers on how to add a course to the Class page.

We have 6 categories of courses

Video courses on EnglishCentral

all our video courses

What Is A Course?

A course is professionally selected, structured series of videos and vocabulary quizzes. Videos are in topical units which the students complete by Watching | Learning | Speaking. Courses cover topics ranging from the professional and academic to the more general: movies, commercials, famous speeches. Think of our courses as an online coursebook that students can access 24/7 and teachers can use to bring real life and context into their classroom teaching.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Course?

The benefits are many:

·         sequenced to optimize student learning

·         structured to match your weekly teaching schedule

·         topic focused for learning specific structures and vocabulary

·         motivating through our progress feedback and goal focus

·         ability to customize and add videos to our set curriculum

·         simple and clear tracking and assessment of student learning

Learning With A Course On EnglishCentral

Students learn by progressing through a course and Watching |  Learning   |  Speaking our video curriculum.

Teachers get free access to our unique Teacher Tools

Teachers can track their student activity on a course, listen to student recordings, assess student pronunciation and more ….. Our tools allow teachers to easily select a course, invite students to study, set goals for students and then track their learning. It’s that simple!

Our Course detail / preview page looks like this.

It gets better!

Have large numbers of students? Want to build your own custom course? Please contact

usfor further information about our discount pricing and for information on how you can

submit a custom course for your student body.


  1. Brilliant, absolutely brilliant! The Dutch team is very excited. We can’t wait to start offering these courses to students, teachers and corporations.


  2. Людмила Аникина says:

    Can’t believe I’ll be able to have an access to such a rich resource!


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