Be an EnglishCentral guest author

We value the knowledge of our membership! In that vein, we’d like to invite others to share their knowledge and help start conversations about English Central. Drop us a line and we’ll get you started!  All guest authors will get Premium access to EnglishCentral!

We envision two broad categories of blog posts.

1. My experiences using English Central

This can be as a school, administrator, teacher or a learner. We’d like you to tell us how about that experience and other thoughts about how English Central related to language learning. Tips and suggestions most welcome here.

2. Technology and the Future of Language learning/teaching

These posts focus around the role and place of technology in language learning and teaching. What do you see in the future? How will language learning evolve given the new promises of technology?

How do you become a valued contributor?

It’s not difficult! Just drop us a line and we’ll send you full directions on how to log in and post your draft.  Please read the guidelines below when writing your post.

Many thanks in advance,

The English Central team.

Guest Author Guidelines

1. Please avoid technical language. Acronyms and educational jargon are not universally understood.

2. Please try to keep your post at 1000 words or less. We recommend posting a photo but please be sure you have permission or the source is referenced.

3. You are welcome to include links to your school website, or your own website, but please avoid using your post to directly advertise.

4. Please include a little information and a picture of yourself to be included in a short “bio” at the end of your post. Feel free to include a link to your own blog or Twitter page, if you have one.

5. If appropriate, I would love for you to include photos of your classroom or students. However, please be careful of their safety and privacy (i.e., No last names).


  1. Marcelamoraes1 8 says:
  2. vincent sung says:

    To  post a blog should be easy!


  3. Hi,
    Brenda here at The English Center in the Netherlands. It’s Monday and we are expecting another busy week sharing English in the lowlands.It was nice to see my blog posted. Here are a few more thoughts about the flipped classroom. it’s more like a university seminar than an old fashioned lecture. Hey, I’m sure the lecture still has its place in education, but the seminar is what good students crave! They read the text (or watch the video) at home, and come to class itching to discuss it, ask questions, defend a point of view, and deepen understanding. That kind of active learning produces ownership of the material, in this case, ENGLISH. 
    Brenda at The English Center



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