Let’s Talk About Love

How do you define love? Let’s learn how to express our views about this universal feeling. Watch, learn, and speak the beautiful video “The Meaning of Love.” How to study English with this video: Watch. First, look at how the basic sentences are structured. You will see that the structure is SUBJECT+ VERB + OBJECT: […]

Learn English Based on your Interests

In any kind of study, it is important to give your full focus and attention so that you learn things well. Therefore, I recommend that after learning the basics of English grammar and vocabulary, you learn and practice English with topics that you like! In my opinion, this is an effective way to hone your […]

Learning English with Jim Carrey

This is one of my favorite videos to recommend to beginner level students in EnglishCentral.  Why? This is because the video is rich with common vocabulary and expressions. It is also short and very funny! Let’s take a look at how you can maximize studying English with an EnglishCentral video; in this case, with “Jim […]

What is a Course in EnglishCentral?

A course is a collection of videos that help you learn English in a focused and structured way. Let me discuss this further: • Different courses are seen under EnglishCentral topics. As you may already know, EnglishCentral categorizes its videos under different topics and skills, (Academic, Business, Media, Social, Travel, Young Learners, and Vocabulary and […]

The 5-25-5 Formula

You might have seen the numbers “5-25-5” in EnglishCentral’s website, brochures or emails. But do you know what this really means? The 5-25-5 is a weekly study formula that means: Watch 5 videos, Learn 25 words and Speak 5 videos This 5-25-5 formula hones your English skills quickly by helping you immerse in, and practice […]

EnglishCentral Photo Contest

Join our very first photography contest! Take creative pictures with either of these themes: PEOPLE LEARNING ENGLISH or an ENGLISH IDIOM. Send the photos to info@englishcentral.com with the following details: Your name Your Facebook name or Facebook email address  Title of Photo (If you submit a photo with an English Idiom theme, please name it […]

Get Extra Help from EnglishCentral

Building blocks for learning

Learning English on one’s own can be difficult and overwhelming. With all the things that you have to study and do to master the language, it is effectual to have someone help you focus, one skill at a time. I am Coach Cesca, and I’m here to help you learn English! Let me start by […]