English Central makes improving one’s English fun and effective by turning popular web videos into powerful language learning experiences. EnglishCentral users not only watch videos, they speak them and receive instant, personalized pronunciation feedback via our cloud-based system.

The team at English Central is working hard to bring language learners and teachers around the world, new ways to learn English.  We welcome your thoughts and ideas. Come join the conversation!


  1. Yagmur__delisi says:
  2. How to post in the website.


  3. Hi there, can anybody help me. I have registered into englishcentral and created a class for my students. My students can enroll to class but they cannot use it. If they want to go there again, it is not possible. Can you help with my problem? Thank you a lot iLona


    • Anonymous says:

      ilona,    Can you share the url of the class page?  This seems strange and we will have to look at the page directly.  Please send to teachers at englishcentral dot com  We’ll take a look asap. Sorry for the inconvenience.


      • I really thank you for such a fast reaction. This is my class url  http://class.englishcentral.com/beetles. I might have made a mistake. I am new here but I really love this website and I would like to share it with my students because they have trouble with listening skill. Thanks for your help. Ilona


      • Anonymous says:


        Are your students still having problems? I can get to your page and also join the class. Just share the url/address you mentioned and they should make sure to be registered on EnglishCentral. Just takes a second. Please let me know….



      • David,
        thank you for your help. It works now. I still have some trouble with managing but I have to learn how everything works. This site is really wonderful and I think it will help my students with listening. The only think I cannot see the progress of my student. I registered as a student too and invited myself to my class and I do not see my progress. It is interesting that I have 1 extra student there which I have not invited and she/he has a great progress and I can see it. I hope that my message makes sense and thank you again for your great help.


  4. Whoa, this is a great way to learn. Is there a program like this that teaches other languages? Please tell me there’s something like this for Chinese or French!


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