EnglishCentral and Globed Partnership in Turkey

Ankara, Turkey December 3, 2018 – EnglishCentral, the global leader on online English Language Teaching solutions has inked a partnership deal with GLOBED, the leading e-learning company in Turkey who introduces top quality educational resources from around the world to international, private and public schools.

EnglishCentral, a Google Venture company, is a global leader on online English Language Teaching solutions. EnglishCentral is being used by over 5 Million users globally from over 100 countries. The EnglishCentral platform combines the web’s best English videos, our proprietary IntelliSpeech[TM] assessment technology, an adaptive vocabulary learning system and live tutors, delivered seamlessly over web and mobile.

GLOBED is the e-learning company bringing the world’s award-winning resources to schools in Turkey, the UAE and Romania, continuously ensuring their successful implementations to local curriculums through customized services. Following new approaches and methodologies in the world, the GLOBED team aims to introduce educators and students the best resources available that take teaching and learning to new levels.

With regards to this partnership, GLOBED will introduce EnglishCentral’s state of the art English language teaching solutions to all K12 schools in Turkey.

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