Create your own Online English Course at JALT 2017

This year at JALT (Japanese Association of Language Teachers) – November 17th to 20th– EnglishCentral is offering to adapt, for FREE, your existing curriculum to blend with the EnglishCentral platform, giving your students speaking and vocabulary practice from their mobile devices. This means you can adopt EnglishCentral for your current classes, without changing your textbook or other materials.

To do this, we create custom courses for you from our library of over 14,000 videos lessons.  Each lesson is enabled with close activities, vocabulary quizes, and interactive speaking practice using our IntelliSpeechTM speech assessment system.   These custom courses map to the level and scope and sequence of your current curriculum.  Courses also have custom wordlists students can study in our quiz app on web or on mobile.

To hear how Kyoto Sangyo  adopted EnglishCentral custom curriculum for web and mobile, mapped to  existing curriculum, please attend the Academic presentation:

E-Learning Support for a General English Program”, Michael Holsworth, Kyoto Sangyo University. Nov. 18th, 12:05. Room 202B

This presentation will introduce how English Central was implemented as part of a general English program at Kyoto Sangyo University. Currently, over 6000 students are using EnglishCentral as part of the English Communication program offered to first and second year students from a variety of faculties. Topics that will be discussed in the presentation include:  the reasoning behind the selection of EnglishCentral, initial piloting process, content selection and textbook pairing, student preparation, teacher training, and finally successes and challenges of the overall process.

Visit our booth (#26 – 2nd floor) to find out more or book a time to sit down and speak with an EC representative during the conference.



We look forward to seeing you at JALT.

EnglishCentral Team

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