Vocabulary Study Upgraded on EnglishCentral using New Corpus from Cambridge University

EnglishCentral has completed a major upgrade of its vocabulary learning platform, with new lists developed by Dr. Charles Browne from Meiji Gakuin University, based on a 2-billion-word corpus from Cambridge University.

Dr. Browne  and his team analyzed the Cambridge corpus to determine a set of core high-frequency vocabulary words for students of English as a second language.  This list is called “Core Vocab” on EnglishCentral.  The Core Vocab provides over 92% coverage for most general English texts, the highest of any corpus-derived general English word list to date. In conjunction with the Core Vocab, we have adopted additional lists from Browne et. al. for Academic Vocabulary, TOEIC and Business English, and one specifically for Spoken English.

Dr. Browne will be presenting the research behind these new lists during a workshop at the Japan Association of Language Teachers Conference  (JALT 2017 ) in Tsukuba, Japan on November 17th.


The courses introduced on EnglishCentral using these lists include:

  • Core Vocabulary is a set of 2800 words used most frequently in your daily life. It covers ~92% of the English you would see in newspapers, magazines, books, TV and movies.
  • Academic Vocabulary is for learners looking to master words that appear frequently in academic texts and lectures. When learned together with the Core Vocabulary 2800, this list gives ~92% coverage of typical academic materials used in universities in English-speaking countries.
  • Business Vocabulary contains 1700 words for learners looking to master general business English situations.  When learned in combination with the Core Vocabulary of 2800 words, this list provides ~97% coverage of the English needed in most general business situations.
  • TOEIC Vocabulary contains 1200 words that appear most frequently in the texts and listening materials that appear on the TOEIC exam. When combined with Core Vocabulary 2800, this list provides ~99% coverage of words that appear on the TOEIC exam.

Learn more about vocabulary study on EnglishCentral, including our unique video-tagged corpus and time interval learning system for vocabulary, here.

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