EnglishCentral Cross Cultural Internship

For two weeks at the end of August 2017, EnglishCentral Japan welcomed two interns from Kwansei Gakuin University in Japan and Queen’s University in Canada to participate in a global internship program in the English Central Tokyo office.

The program was facilitated by Kwansei Gakuin University’s Cross Cultural Colleges program that aims to enlighten undergraduate students on the importance of international and cultural understanding in the world of business. The Global Internship program welcomes 18 students from Canadian and Japanese universities to participate in a formal two week internship at nine different companies across Japan.

The two interns at EnglishCentral, Nanami and Ryan,  spent their internship period working with the marketing division of EnglishCentral to help create new English video content for EnglishCentral’s user base. The first two days Nanami and Ryan gained valuable knowledge from both internal English Central stakeholders and external experts on how to effectively create successful video content and market to target audiences.


Nanami and Ryan created three videos for EnglishCentral, the first introducing the EnglishCentral Asakusa offices, the second exhibiting two interesting animal cafes in Tokyo, and the third introducing one of Asakusa’s most interesting activities, a Samuri themed escape room!


Upon the creation of these videos, our interns coordinated with the marketing development team in Manilla, Philippines to finalize their projects. Finally, Nanami and Ryan organized a marketing strategy plan to reach out to potential viewers of the videos to market English Central as a brand.

Both interns had a fantastic time working at EnglishCentral for the past two weeks and both say that this opportunity has allowed them to better understand different global working cultures.

Here is an example of one of the three videos Nanami and Ryan created over the course of the week:

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