Student Email Notifications

Teacher student communication is important  in the face to face classroom or the online class. Without clear communication, tasks and assignments don’t get done in a timely fashion, learning is impeded and students get confused.

So we are happy to introduce a better way to communicate with students regarding their EnglishCentral assignments and study – Class Announcement Notifications.

Now when you make a class announcement on your class page, students will receive an email notification regarding the announcement. No excuses for students to not notice any message from their teacher on EnglishCentral!

It’s easy to do. Just follow these steps.

1. Select “Class Announcement” in the class page of the Teacher Tools. 

2.  Write your message for the students in the class. 

3.  Students receive a message in their email inbox about the announcement!  That’s it.

We hope you enjoy this feature and improvement on how you can communicate with your students studying on EnglishCentral.




  1. A nice tool for teacher student communication


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