A New English Learning Program for the Maritime and Shipping Industry

EnglishCentral, the online leader in English language learning, together with Spot On Learning, an online academy that helps professionals improve their skills in an interactive learning environment, has designed SOL Maritime: Cargo and Cargo Handling, a comprehensive course for professionals in the shipping and maritime industries. With authentic videos and engaging topics that range from boarding and unloading a ship to inspecting cargo holds and safety basics, this course helps seafarers and maritime office workers master the English skills they need to communicate better in the workplace.

Participants of this online learning program will take a level test through EnglishCentral. Once completed, they will proceed with Social English Courses until a required level is reached. Then they can proceed with the SOL Maritime: Cargo and Cargo Handling course to expand their maritime vocabulary based on the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) Standard Marine Communication Phrases (SMCP).

With EnglishCentral’s proprietary speech technology and Spot On Learning’s expertise in Maritime English training, users will see measurable progress in as little as 12 weeks of study.

Eelco Kraefft, Director Business Development Spot On Learning states,

“Without our partner EnglishCentral and their great team, we would never be able to help our maritime clients in Russia, the Philippines, China and other places worldwide improve the English language skills of their international teams and crews. The close cooperation with our EnglishCentral colleagues has made it possible for participants in our maritime English programs to show measurable progress within months. Our integrated online platforms make learning English very affordable, which is very important in an industry that is going through pretty rough times.”

EnglishCentral Academic Director David Deubelbeiss adds,

“Our partnership with Spot On Learning is a perfect example of how English language training materials can now be tailored specifically to an industry. It’s what we at EnglishCentral do best and we’re happy to support the efforts of International Maritime Organization members to communicate effectively in English.”

Spot On Learning and EnglishCentral have been improving the English language skills of seafarers and other maritime professionals in different countries around the world, including China, The Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Philippines and Russia.

With this unique English learning platform, crews worldwide can now Watch, Learn, and Speak their way to Maritime English success.

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