Improvements to Curriculum Goal Setting and Tracking Student Progress

goal-settingIn March 2017, we will make some changes to how teachers set goals and students track progress on EnglishCentral.

Please use the summary below as a guide as you draft your syllabus and use our teacher tools to set goals for students and track their progress through our reports:


  1. Students can view class progress from their mobile devices

Another request from teachers was to make student progress available on their mobile devices. This release includes a new My Classes on the app that shows student progress across all goals.



  1. Learn/Quiz Progress

We have received requests from many teachers to track students progress in Learn Mode as part of the overall word study on EnglishCentral. With this new release, students will get “Learn Progress” for any word they successfully complete in learn mode or in a vocab quiz. This allows teachers to set word study goals that cover both the word typing cloze activity in Learning Mode as well as the definition matching quiz in Quiz Mode.

Because our hope is to help students retain knowledge of the words they are studying in their long-term memory, Time Interval Learning will continue to drive how words are studied on EnglishCentral. Students can make progress on words only after the applicable time interval has elapsed.


Therefore, Time Interval Learning constraints prevents a student, for instance, from getting credit for studying the same word five times in one day. On the other hand, it does give students credit for learning the same word after the applicable time interval has lapsed. In this way, the system encourages review and multiple exposure to words.


  1. Speak Lines

Listening to feedback from teachers, we have concluded that the number of lines students speak is the best measure of student’s speaking output.  As a result, we are introducing Spoken Lines as the key new metric for setting Speaking goals and measuring progress.  We count only unique lines, so while students are encouraged to speak lines multiple times to improve their video speaking grade, only the final instance of the line will be counted towards their line  goal. We recommend setting a goal of 50 lines per week (this is now the default), which is equivalent to approximately one hour of study time. You can, of course, increase or decrease the number of lines for the goal, depending on the needs of your students or your curriculum.

For classes created before the release that had Speak Points set as a Goal, students will get credit for 1 Speak Line for each 30 points then earned.

For these classes that had Spoken Videos set as a goal, we have kept that metric for a transition period both in the teacher and students’ view. Any new classes created will use the Speak Line goal.

Note: on the question of assessing student’s speaking ability, we will continue to use the concept of Speaking Grades (A to F).    Currently,  grades can be reviewed only on a video by video basis.  In a future release, we plan to allow teachers to see students grades across all final lines spoken by the student over any teacher defined period of time.


  1. GoLive Tutoring.

Teachers that are using our Premium GoLive! Product that include 1:1 tutoring (“GoLive!) can now set goals for numbers of tutor sessions in the Teacher Tools. Note this only applies to teachers who are using our Premium Product (see Plans for more details). For most teachers using our Academic Product, they will not see any setting for GoLive! in the goal setting interface.


  1. Looking forward to the new changes. Do you have a date for the update? Thanks.

    • Hi Kevin,

      Actually you should see all these changes on the site right now unless indicated otherwise. Please check them out and look forward to any feedback you might have.

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