Using Video: A Teacher’s Handbook

We know that many teachers are sometimes hesitant when it comes to using video directly in their classroom, as a teaching aid.  So we’ve created this handbook full of tips, suggestions, content directed at helping teachers successfully use video in their classroom.

Grab a coffee and take a read – you’ll find lots of interesting information about using EnglishCentral videos directly in class.  Video brings the outside into the classroom; it’s a powerful model of authentic language in use that teachers have easy, direct access to.  Register as a teacher today and start using video as a go to resource!

Teachers might also be interested in these Video Appreciation lesson materials!

Download the Teacher Handbook




  1. Thank you so much! This handbook is amazing! 😊


  2. Those are great tips. Very helpful and practical. Thank you.


  3. Having teachers feeling confident about using educational video is a prerequisite to making it an effective part of a district’s curriculum.


  4. Good point. It should all be done in small steps, allowing teachers to get used to the media and equipment/delivery. It may seem simple from the outside but it isn’t. Even simple training sessions having teachers stop/pause, rewind/replay, forward video while delivering a lesson is important and a crucial skill.


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