Quizzes on Mobile

We’ve listened to our membership and now you can study vocabulary in a quiz with our award winning mobile app – just like on our website!  The quiz app is available in courses. Study the words for each unit of a course.  It’s a great way to increase your vocabulary and understanding of the language of the videos.

Here’s how it works in the app. 

  1.  Select My English from the menu to access your video lessons and courses.


2.  Select either My Courses or Class Courses (if a student in a class). Select a course. You’ll see the quiz at the end of each unit. It will usually be 20 words.


3.  Click the quiz after completing the unit video lessons. You’ll see a list of the words you’ll be studying. If you clicked any words that aren’t focus vocabulary, they’ll be added to the quiz for study.


4.  Start studying!  Select the correct answer. Students whose first language is one of our site languages will see some questions asking them to match the word with the correct word in their own language (Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, Turkish, Vietnamese, Russian, Portuguese).


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