5 Resolutions for Language Learners

It’s a new year and time to make resolutions!

One of the most common resolutions is to learn and study English.  We’ll be pleased if you take on the challenge and use EnglishCentral as your practice and learning center this year.

However, there are a number of things you’ll have to do in order to be successful.  So why not make these 5  New Year’s resolutions? We guarantee that if you do, you’ll improve.

  1.  I resolve to study a little each day rather than a lot at one time.  Yes, just like an apple a day keeps the doctor away – a few video lessons a day or a tutor session a day will keep your English improving!  Our mobile apps also make it easy to learn in small “language snacks” – anytime, anywhere.


2.  I resolve to learn English by studying topics I enjoy!  We have over 12,000 video lessons on EnglishCentral.  Learn English through your interests, what you love to watch/view!  This is key to successful language learning. Learning English doesn’t have to be boring!


3.   I resolve to repeat, repeat,repeat.  Practice makes perfect!  Yes, to learn a word, to pronounce words well – you’ll have to go over the material again and again sometimes.  But we make it easy to do this at EnglishCentral! Our video lessons come with built in repetition of key phrases and vocabulary.  Plus, you repeat the lines and pronounce until you get it right.


4.  I resolve to find a language practice partner.  You’ll need sometimes to speak with others and practice your English with other people. Learning a language is also a social event and you’ll need to speak with a partner to get better.  EnglishCentral provides tutors so you will always have a practice partner.


5. I resolve to not worry about what I don’t understand. A key to being a good language learner is to have a high “ambiguity tolerance“.   Don’t focus on every little thing you don’t understand but look at the “big picture” and overall meaning. Go with the flow and let the language be absorbed – you’ll improve that way, we guarantee it!


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