The Power Of Reading

thepowerof-readingMost people think of EnglishCentral as a platform where students can improve their listening and speaking skills. Yes, we do that very well. However, we are also a very powerful basic literacy tool that promotes strong reading skills in students.

Reading is a research supported activity so beneficial and fundamental to student learning

Reading  works when several things are in place:

  1. There is student choice. Students read what they want and what they are interested in.
  2. Students read text that is at their right level. 90 -98% of the words on a page should be understood.
  3. The teacher supports student reading and models reading.

Find below a nice reading list we put together and which in total supports the EnglishCentral extensive reading approach. We truly provide great content that students really want to read/watch. That’s key.


How to use EnglishCentral to promote reading skills?  Here are a few tips.

  1. Teachers. Download the lesson plans for any video lesson. Click “Video Details” on the video page.  Print and use in class. After reading, check with the comprehension questions provided.
  2. Use the subtitles in English and turn off the audio. Have students follow along, read a long at the speed of the original.
  3. Turn on “Auto Pause in Watch Mode” in the video player settings. Students can then read lines individually at their own speed before clicking to the next line.
  4. Check student phonemic awareness.  Beginning readers are developing the skills of pronouncing letters and words. Teachers – use our listen in feature to evaluate student reading skills. How is their oral reading, any problem areas?

Let’s get our students reading!  The holiday is a perfect time to keep students engaged and developing through self-study on EnglishCentral.

Reading List


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