My Class Page Changes

We recently made design changes to improve the My Class page.  A new look and feel which will allow us to go fully HTML5 for faster loading and an improved user experience.  There are no changes for teachers nor any change in functionality. Just a new look.  We sent out an email notification to all students and teachers.

Here are the highlights of the changes (download this as a PDF).

  1. A new Class Home tab with an improved progress bar.  View your class progress here. Change the calendar to see your progress over different date ranges. View class announcements and rankings.
  2. class-home

  3. A new Videos tab.  Go here to see  and access on a video page, all your assigned video lessons.  Filter by level just like on your My English page.
  4. videos

  5. A new Courses  tab.  Access  assigned courses here. Filter courses by level.


Students can still access all their class assigned video lessons and courses through our award winning mobile app.  Don’t forget to download it from iTunes or Google Play!

mobile full 2

Got a question or concern?  Contact us –


  1. The new look is nice! Are there any plans to make the My Class Page visible on the mobile app?


    • Thanks Kevin. No plans for the page to be on the app but we do have plans to improve the student experience on the app. Right now students can study their class assigned video lessons and courses on the app through their My English icon on the app. Very soon, we’ll release a new version where students can also see their goals and progress to date on the app. Stay tuned and we’ll make an announcement here.


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