Textbooks for teaching with EnglishCentral

tlWe offer teachers so many options for adopting a blended approach and using EnglishCentral’s platform with printables and  support their in-class curriculum or textbook.

  1. We have courses for most of the major ELT textbooks. Students can study in-class with the textbook and then learn on EnglishCentral with video lessons practicing the same language points.  See a sample of these courses (not public on the website) here.

  3. Schools that adopt EnglishCentral have the option of letting our curriculum specialists map EnglishCentral courses to the school syllabus. So many schools already doing this.  More info. here.

  5. We have workbooks and worksheets available  to use and print. Go here. 

  7. ec-books-280x160We have a full 4 skills series of textbooks which can be used in class and with lessons designed based on EnglishCentral video lessons. See samples here. Available to all schools adopting EnglishCentral as their online English language learning solution. Books available in both epub and pdf.

  9. Finally, there is the Teach | Learn coursebook.  36 lessons, each supported by EnglishCentral supported video lessons. Beginner to intermediate level.  It’s a fully blended solution. Just print and use! A handy teacher’s notes section has additional resources and tips for teaching each lesson. Check it out!  Download and use Teach | Learn



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