Install, Activate, Explore

Why the EnglishCentral platform passes the 3 finger test for learners to be able to learn language. Input / Practice / Application

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installConstantly, most teachers have in the back of their mind the eternal question of “Why do so many students try to learn English but so few succeed in being confident, fluent speakers?”

Of course, motivation and time are two big factors. You need both or the effort just fades away and nothing goes in the front door, so to speak. However,  research into the nature of learning is showing that the missing piece of the puzzle is that students don’t get enough time activating the knowledge they gain through a teacher or in a classroom. Without time spent in activation mode, they either never truly acquire the language or are just too bewildered once they try to use English in the real world and explore.

activateIn learning theory there are two crucial components or phases: Installation and Activation. Installation is what students get in the classroom. Language is introduced and…

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