Newsletter: Summer 2016

Dear EnglishCentral teachers,

We have been very busy updating our course catalog and video lesson content. Find out more below. We hope all goes well and look forward to supporting you and your students!  If you are viewing this through our blog – sign up as a teacher HERE to create your school and get access to the best English language learning content, bar none!

  1. starter Absolute Beginners (A0)

We have a new, full 10 unit course  for beginners that you can assign for students to study.

It’s perfect study material for beginners or low level students that need a complete review of the basics.

View the course and download the syllabus >>>

beginner course

  1. russian Russian app and user language

For our Russian teachers and students, we’ve added Russian as a user language. Find it on the language menu. It is also a language in our app which recently won in the overall category for Russian apps in the Golden App awards.  

We continue to expand in Russian and look forward to welcoming many Russian schools into the EnglishCentral family this year.  

  1.   magazineThe EnglishCentral Magazine

Here at EnglishCentral, our job is not just to provide a quality elearning platform and amazing video content. It’s also to support teachers in the classroom with professional development.

We’ve published an online magazine updated daily, with current articles about using educational technology and online language learning. Subscribe and get updates sent to your email inbox!

Read The Magazine >>>

  1. brochureEnglishCentral: Why It Works

We get asked often to outline what’s special about EnglishCentral and the pedagogy and approach we espouse.

This list of blog posts detail the research and methodology that makes EnglishCentral the perfect way to support your classroom curriculum.

Review the articles >>> 

     5. Our teachers speak up!


– Prof. Janet Goodwin, UCLA. Co-author, “Teaching Pronunciation”, CUP

  1.   Summer Trial

We are currently offering a summer trial to all teachers thinking about using the full Academic Premium version of our platform.  “Listen In” to all student recordings, get comprehensive reports, choose from over 600 courses to assign and 30 new video lessons each week.

Contact us at  and we’ll set you up. Put “Teacher Trial” in the subject line.

     7. New & Highly Recommended Content

teacher ed

grammarTeacher Education Course                                          Grammar Video Lessons  

Miss the last EnglishCentral newsletter?  Find it here.
Enjoy teaching with EnglishCentral!

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