Absolute Beginners

starterEnglishCentral is excited to offer our schools a full course and syllabus for absolute beginners (A0)!

This course will get students learning simple phrases and all the required vocabulary to begin speaking and understanding English. It will get students ready to study our video lessons with authentic “real” English.

We also offer a short version of this course on the website.  Students wanting to start with authentic “beginner” videos can also study our General English 1 course.

Take a look at the Beginner Course (Download the PDF syllabus).

It consists of ten units covering topics such as; the Alphabet, Numbers, Colors, Sports, Basic Questions, Food & Drink, Jobs, Family, Routines, Tenses, Possession, Sports, Appearance, Likes & Dislikes, Ability, The weather, Countries, Languages, Holidays, Telling the time,  Days & Months and more …..

We know your students will love this course – perfect for anyone beginning to learn English or those who’d like to review basic vocabulary and phrases.   Just sign up as a teacher, start your school and add the course to your class page and begin inviting students! It’s that easy.   Students can study on the web or in our app and teachers get full reports of student progress.

beginner course


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