Why It Works: Our Top 10 Pedagogical Posts

brochure We spend a lot of time explaining to schools and teachers the pedagogy behind EnglishCentral. That’s good, there’s a lot that makes EC “work”. There are many research supported reasons why video,  our unique platform and “Watch” “Learn” “Speak” “Quiz” approach works.

Here are the top posts on this blog outlining in more detail what makes EnglishCentral the proven leader and “go to” platform for schools and teachers looking for a digital platform with the most advanced learning technology.

Download the PDF summary of our pedagogy

If teachers have a question about EnglishCentral, we are happy to hear from you – just shoot us an email at  teachers@englishcentral.com.

  1.  The EnglishCentral Pedagogical Foundation.  View the infographic detailing why EC helps students learn English so well and why it rises above so many grammar translation, learn words, fill in the blanks systems.
  2. Foreign Language Anxiety.  Learn how EnglishCentral helps lower student anxiety, letting shy and students with a longer silent period, excel.
  3. Noticing The Gap.  Read about Schmidt’s seminal ideas and how students benefit using EnglishCentral by comparing themselves to a native model.
  4. Extensive Watching.  EnglishCentral offers students great level appropriate language input. It’s the new textbook for students, a much improved textbook!
  5. Language Awareness.  Indepth article reviewing how EC helps learners become more aware of their own language, their own weaknesses in order to focus and improve.
  6. Why video rulz and the textbook cools.  10 reasons why video is such a powerful medium for language learning.
  7. Practice makes fluency.  Students need much more time engaged with the English language than the normal classroom allows.  EnglishCentral keeps students on task and learning while still having fun and listening to messages they want to hear.
  8. Blended Learning.  This is the future of education, a mix of in class complimented with self directed learning online.  EnglishCentral content can perfectly match any class syllabus.
  9. User Benefits of Mobile Apps.  Our apps allow learners to study English anytime, anywhere.  Going mobile has so many advantages for schools.
  10. The Importance of Pronunciation.  EnglishCentral is the world leader in helping students improve their pronunciation.  Focusing on pronunciation also has many other benefits for the English language learner.

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