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EnglishCentral offers students  a great way to learn English – on the web or with our app. However, many don’t know that we also offer schools and teachers a unique platform for teaching.  It’s easy to get started, teachers simply sign up on our Academic page, create a school and class, then  start choosing the video lessons or courses students should study.

Here are a few reasons why EnglishCentral is not just the best place to learn English but also teach English!

  1.  A Custom Class Page.   All class pages have the school logo and teachers can choose from our vast library of courses and video lessons to add to the class page as curriculum. Set custom goals for students to achieve weekly.

class page

2.  Track student achievement with our comprehensive reports.  Filter to view completion for any date range. Download the reports in excel or print them out.  Read more here.


3. Custom Curriculum.  Let our team of teachers and content specialists design a custom course that perfectly maps to  your existing school curriculum, providing you with an instant online platform and app.  Hundreds of schools have already had branded courses created and added to their class pages.  View these 100s of courses, not currently in our public catalog. Let us know what coursebook or syllabus you are using and we’ll provide the course.  The perfect blended curriculum!  Read more here.

custom course

4.  “Listen In” to all student recordings.   Yes, that’s right, you can listen to your student recordings. Great for assessing their speech and reading. Also, checking that they are actually doing the work too!  Read more here.

listen in 2

video details5. Free printables, lesson plans, resources for all teachers.  We have a full resource store where you can download extra resources to support your use of EnglishCentral. Guides, worksheets, presentations etc ….  Plus, each video lesson has a lesson plan for teachers.  On a video detail page, click “Video Details” and download the pdf lesson plan.


6.  A full, free trial to pilot EnglishCentral.  Of course you can use EnglishCentral for free with all students as “Basic”. However, the full experience is paid (but not expensive, about the price of a coursebook or with volume much cheaper).   Contact us to set up a free trial and use EnglishCentral with your students so you can decide for yourself. teachers@englishcentral.com  

When you want to order seats or student access codes, it’s easy. Just fill out our order form and we’ll get you them asap.  Remember, all teachers are automatically upgraded to Premium for free, if the school has one paid student. We support teachers!

trial banner

7.   Thousands of satisfied teachers and schools.  Not to toot our own horn too loud but schools large and small keep renewing EnglishCentral and standing as references in support.


Thank you for listening and becoming an EnglishCentral teacher!

thank you ec


  1. Thanks for the detailed instructions.


  2. Paul Beaufait says:

    Thank you for this well-rounded recap. of EnglishCentral features and resources (May 9, 2016). I noticed, however, that slide 13 of the slideshow in a separate post (June 18, 2013) to which the graphic in section 2 of this post links is a snapshot of a vintage class visits record, a type of record which no longer is visible in the current teachers’ reports drop-down menu. Would it be possible to make class visit records accessible once again from the drop-down menu in the teachers’ reports display? Thank you for your consideration.


    • Paul,

      We are working to make a report available that shows “visits”. So the teacher can easily see how often the student has been on EnglishCentral in terms of “sessions”. It’s a little complicated to make something valuable that doesn’t just record a simple click and that’s what we are aiming at. This is a priority and will soon be available along with a report for XPs (overall activity). We’ll keep you updated. Thanks!


  3. Great job I must commend you.


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