Listen In Feature. Major Improvements

We are happy to announce that our “Listen In” feature in the teacher LMS has a new user experience.  Now you can listen in to all student recordings, whether done in the mobile app or on the web.

You can easily play students’ recordings from the Teacher Tools or download them as mp3 files.   It’s a great way to verify that the student who was assigned the work, did the work.  Also, a perfect way to assess student reading skills. Assign the same video for all students.  “Listen in” and using a reading skills rubric, assess students on their level of surface reading skills – pronunciation, rhythm, phonemic awareness, voice.

listen in 2

Here are the steps for you to try the new “Listen In” feature:

  • Log in to your teacher account and select a classstudent recordings
  • Select “Reports” and then the “Spoken Videos” report
  • Click the “Listen In” icon beside a student’s name
  • Select a video that the student has spoken and “Listen In”!

View a full video demo of the feature in action here >>> or visit your class page and try it out!

We hope you enjoy this improved feature.

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