Why Use EnglishCentral?

976595-steering-wheelEnglishCentral is a company that takes pride in having experienced teachers on staff and designing a product that will help students learn and acquire English, particularly for international communication.

There are a number of case studies here.   Also on this blog, many articles describing our approach – a few of note here. See below, a brief powerpoint presentation that describes many of the reasons why EnglishCentral is a sound approach.  However, in the name of brevity, let me list just a few of the key aspects of our pedagogy.

  1. Motivation/Engagement.  Visual learners and the digital learner value video as a media form. It engages them. Our extensive library of over 10,000 video lessons, updated weekly, allows all learners/teachers to find high quality content. Students that enjoy the learning content, will engage longer with the English language and make more progress.
  1. Comprehensible Input (Krashen) Real language learning comes through students studying and encountering language at the appropriate level. Our videos are fully leveled and allow learners to “dig in” to the language and understand. Video also provides extraordinary context which aids intake.  Learners need context to acquire vocabulary (Nation) and no other method of vocabulary learning equals the video corpus of over 50,000 words with video examples, that is EnglishCentral. The acquisition of incidental vocabulary is not too be underestimated through engagement and “extensive watching”.
  1. Feedback.  Learners make progress when they notice their own errors and self – correct (Schmidt – Noticing the Gap) By comparing their own speech to the original native speaker, they learn to self assess/correct. Precise pronunciation feedback through our world leading proprietary speech engine, assures constant evaluation.
  1. Gaming.  We don’t go overboard on this and lean on the side of and focus on learning. However, through a point system, ranking, constant feedback and having users input into the system – we have built something which has a gaming aspect. Students also see their progress and are motivated to achieve more through our experience points and speaking points.
  1. Lower Affective Filter. The classroom can be a bewildering place for a language learner. Our player is loaded with tools to allow students to study at their own pace and to practice speaking in a safe environment. We’ve seen so many formerly labeled “shy” students become great risk takers after first being allowed the security of self study on EnglishCentral and then when ready, speaking in the classroom.
  1. A Speaking focus.  The modern world is returning to a focus on oral communication needs through international English. Students need to be ready to communicate in English with 2nd language speakers from all around the world. Our speaking application prepares them to for “intelligibility” and being understood when speaking.
  1. Strong Blended Learning.  We see teachers and schools as partners. On EnglishCentral, students can do the “heavy lifting” of language learning. Vocabulary acquisition, skills practice, repetition, drilling down into language etc ….. In the classroom they study with teachers who can focus on the more social, cultural and pragmatic aspects of language.
  1. m-Learning.  We have an award winning mobile app. Students can access their assigned video lessons or courses and study anytime / anywhere.  According to a large study we did with students in Japan, just by using the app alone as a device for study, students studied twice as much!  Read about the benefits of well designed apps for study here.


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