5Cs of language learning success

selfdirectedstudyOk, so you have great content for language learning like here on EnglishCentral.  Wow! Amazing videos that you actually want to view and learn with.  Super!

But unfortunately that isn’t enough to make your English magically improve. You’ll have to do a number of other things well.  It’s never “what” (content) that is most important but rather “how”, the process of language learning you undertake, that is most important.

Here are the 5Cs of language learning that describe what you must do well inorder to improve your English strongly, quickly.  Do these and your English will improve in no time.

1. Consistency.

Remember the story about the turtle and the rabbit?  How the turtle won the race?  Slow and steady.

Great language learners make language learning a habit, a daily part of their life. Something they just “do” without thinking.  Set a time and learn/study at that time every day.   How about an EnglishCentral video every day?  Whatever you do, be consistent.


2.  Comprehension

You’ll have to also learn with content/videos that are at your right level.  Too often, learners try to study with material that is way too difficult. They are constantly looking up words, shaking their heads in frustration.  That’s not the way to make progress.

Choose videos at your right level.  On EnglishCentral, take the free level test and get recommendations of the video lessons you should be studying.  Study with material where you understand 80 to 90 percent of what is being said.  Relax, take it in. Don’t worry about the small part you don’t understand.  If you have this language “input” that is at the right level, you’ll make progress. Promise!


3. Communication

So important!  Language can’t be learned in isolation. Just you and a book, a video.  You need to add “negotiated meaning” which is simply a fancy way to say, you need to speak to someone and use your English purposefully, for communication.

Find a language buddy, find groups you can speak with in English. Fortunately, EnglishCentral also provides GoLive! tutors to speak about each video lesson at a time convenient to you. But whatever you do, communicate and use your English. You have to put all your practice into play to make progress learning English.


4.  Compare and Correct

Great language learners are their own great teachers!  They self-correct and monitor the language they are studying.

Keep a small voice in your head that compares your language to that you hear/read which is correct. Compare and then self-correct.  Become an autonomous and self-reliant learner. Keep notes about what you are saying wrong and try to improve.

EnglishCentral gives you instant feedback on your pronunciation and also allows learners to compare their English to a native model in each video lesson.  Keep comparing and keep correcting yourself – you’ll make great progress!


5.  Compulsion

This is the most difficult one but the most necessary.  Learners need internal and external motivation to learn English. Real motivation that compels them to study, to do the other Cs mentioned above.  This is often called, “drive” but you’ll need it. Find and concentrate on your reason to learn English. Hold on to this and make it your motto.  For your job, career, future. For a relationship. To improve as a person. For travel. For your own self and love.  Whatever it is, have it. Have this compulsion that keeps you going forward as a language learner.

So there are the 5 Cs.  Embrace these and with the great videos on EnglishCentral, you’ll be successful at speaking English well, in no time!

Got any other tips to share with other language learners?




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