EnglishCentral Study Tips

We have a lot that students can do on EnglishCentral.   Many students don’t find out what they can do beyond Watch | Learn | Speak | Quiz of the videos.

Here’s a few suggestions to help students  learning English on our world leading platform.

#1  Speak the whole video! 

We set our player with “Focus Speak Mode”.  Students only speak the 5 lines of the video which contain our Focus Vocabulary.   To speak the whole video deselect this setting in the player.

focused speak setting

#2.   Click on words you don’t know. 

When students click on words or expressions they don’t know, these words are added to the final Quiz on EnglishCentral.  The student can study them plus the words we have set as Focus Vocabulary. Plus, these words get added to the My Words page as favorites. Students can then restudy them there, on that page, any time.

click on words

#3   Use the “enter” key to advance through the learning.

Especially in learn mode, use your “enter” key to check if you are right and advance through to the next learn line. It makes life easy!

select enter

#4  Use other keyboard shortcuts.

Click the “?” icon and find and use more keyboard shortcuts to help make learning easier.


#5  Visit your Pronunciation Profile.

After a student records about 100 lines, a Pronunciation Profile is created. Students can access this page and see the sounds they need to work on (red).  Click a phoneme/sound and you’ll be provided a recommended pronunciation course to help you improve the pronunciation of that sound.



  1. Great compilation of tips!

    For instance, it’s good to know that clicking on words in video transcripts adds the words to individual quizzes (#2). It also might help either to show and tell how to get to the settings display in the player (#1), or to crosslink to a FAQ with that kind of info.



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