Teachers: Start your academic trial!

trial banner

We are happy to provide  registered teachers and schools that qualify, a free 1 month Academic trial. You’ll get Academic seats that you can assign to students so they’ll have unrestricted access. Also, they can study with our mobile apps.

To request a trial, simply;

1. Fill out the form below and apply for your Premium trial student seats.

2. If you qualify, we’ll add the seats to your school account

3. Be sure to be logged in as a teacher and have a teacher account – sign up as a teacher HERE

4. Invite students to your class page and when they enroll on your class page, they’ll be upgrade to Academic Premium.  View our Teacher Getting Started Guide  & Teachers’ FAQs.  View our Teachers Resource site for more help

We look forward to hearing from you and thank you for becoming an EnglishCentral educator!

The EnglishCentral teaching team.

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