The EnglishCentral Magazine

We try our best to keep our community of teachers, students, learners  up to date and current regarding our new content, new features plus wider news about educational technology.

Now, we have a new way you can keep current – The EnglishCentral Magazine.


An attractive layout allows you to read, scroll and comment on all the latest content and news in the world of elearning and especially video based language learning.

Further,  subscribe and get updates coming into your email inbox in an attractive accessible format.  Also download the app to view the magazine in mobile.

We’ll be keeping this up to date and handy for your reading pleasure! Enjoy the offerings.





  1. I would like to get information abaut the English Central Magazin.
    Is the subscription free or have to pay for it?


  2. No payment. It’s online and digital. Just click the link and open the magazine for reading. Bookmark to return or subscribe at the link in the magazine that says “Flip this to my inbox”.


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