Ed Tech Predictions for 2016

Crystal-ballIt’s never easy to predict the future but we thought we’d take a shot at it. Also share some other recent articles predicting what will happen in the realm of educational technology in 2016.  See the list of these other blog predictions below.   So here it goes ….

1.  mLearning will finally be fully embraced by schools/teachers.  TechCrunch thinks the same. Think “snackable” learning.  Just in time for using the EnglishCentral mobile apps with your students, increasing their engagement and practice time! Here’s an excerpt from the article.


2.  Curation will come to the fore.   No longer will elearning be about throwing any kind of activity onto a webpage.  Those successfully providing digital content will be those who take the best that is out there and curate it to fit the needs of schools, universities, teachers, students.  Teachers will need to become digital curators par excellence.  Fortunately too, EnglishCentral has this covered, offering custom courses tailored to your classroom needs. Read more here.

3.  Blended Learning will become more widely accepted.  Following on from point 2, blended learning won’t just be something progressive schools do – it will be an expectation of all schools, classes, teachers.  Students will learn face to face and then “extend” this learning through the use of platforms like EnglishCentral.  It’s the most effective way to learn and when done correctly, research proven.

blended learning

from NPR ED:  6 educational predictions

Lastly, we can’t help  but toot our own horn and make a specific EnglishCentral prediction.  Here’s one we will bet on, we’ll hit the 600 million spoken lines mark. Amazing!

What’s your ed tech prediction for 2016?

Here are a few recent articles circulating the educational blogosphere, with their own predictions for 2016

11 Big Trends for 2016. K-12 Online Learning

8 Educational Predictions. Washington Post

Best Educational Predictions for 2016. Larry Ferlazzo

2016 Educational Predictions. Smart Blog


  1. I realy like study here. But I can not remember everything quickly. To quickly that others understand, I did not immediately understand. Therefore, I take totoring extra classes.


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