Language: A Precious Gift

Language is what makes us human. It is a precious thing, worth all our senses and more combined. We should treasure each and every one.

However, languages are disappearing and the human “ethnosphere” or may I say, “linguasphere” is eroding. Our planet is worse for this lack of linguistic diversity.

In this amazing talk, anthropologist and National Geographic spokesman, Wade Davis, passionately outlines where we need protect and nurture each and every language. A must watch!

Learning English is important but it will never “replace” your native language. It’s force, its creativity, its beauty. EnglishCentral honors that and the languages of the world. Try the quiz below and see how you do recognizing the languages of the world!

Name the Language


  1. Sheida Abani says:

    I’m sheida, about your writing about language, I think, there’s a connection between language & thought. we talk to each other by language that is our native language but maybe we speak only not think, in my opinion, language is open way for telling about everythings. because of this, Hermenotics formed, different results about one thought, I hope I could explain my imagination about language & thought,

    sheida saberi(miss)


  2. Anonymous says:

    Sheida, I agree.

    Have you ever read Vygotsky , one of my fav. books about language – Thought and Language. – especially Chapter 7. Steven Pinker has a nice book – The stuff of thought. Technical reading but interesting.

    I agree about internal speech holding some key to language acquisition and development. also that language is sound and sound has meaning, in and of itself. They are finding that infants in first language acquisition learn language by mapping the sounds and then getting meaning from them through repetition/environment.

    Keep reading/thinking. I’m sure you will add something to our understanding of language and thought!


  3. What do you think is it easy to learn English as a second language for everybody?
    The most hard and complicated is if your native language is as unique as the Hungarian.
    A lot of people think that the English grammar and pronuntiation is difficult.
    But is it easy to learn Hungarian for English speakers ?

    The English grammar differs from the Hungarian.Hungarian distinguishes between
    short and long vowels which are written with acutes. It also distinguishes between
    short and long consonants,with long consonants being doubled. The diagraphs when doubled become triagraphs and there are a lot of exceptions too.

    The national language Hungarian is unique to Hungary and unlike any other European
    language. That’s why it is very important to learn a second language ,mostly English
    because it is widely speaken everywhere in the world.

    If you compare the unusual exceptions in the Hungarian writing,reading to the English
    you will recognize which language is easier to learn.
    English Central videos will be the best teacher for you if you follow them day by day..


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