Can you help us design our video lessons?

We are constantly innovating and trying new things at EnglishCentral.  Especially, trying to make quality English language learning materials.

Recently, we launched our new series of absolute beginner videos (level 1). Very motivating video lessons with fun images for learning English.  We’d like to get your feedback about them!

Can you take a few minutes and watch two video lessons, completing this survey? You’ll get a valuable gift from EnglishCentral.  Both video lessons are almost the same but with a difference in the audio. Which do you prefer?

video prefer

Thanks in advance,

The EnglishCentral Team

Both are the same lesson but one has additional audio. Which do you prefer?  Take the survey and tell us – you’ll get a free gift from EnglishCentral for your valuable feedback.

Thanks in advance!

The EnglishCentral Team


  1. I prefer Video#1 to Video#2 because the background music is very disturbing and
    unnecessary. It is hard to concentrate twofold.


  2. Thanks for helping out Piroska.

    I’ll be speaking with our content editors this week and looking at the results. We plan on making many more beginner videos like this so we want to be sure about what works and what doesn’t.


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