EnglishCentral Academic Order Form

order form
Do you know it’s easy for schools and teachers to order EnglishCentral and get students using our Academic product?

It’s as simple as filling out our Academic order form. See it below.

We’ll get your order to the right person who’ll respond by confirming pricing and providing either the seats (school controls and can provide/remove from students) or codes (students get these and control, upgrade themselves). We’ll send you an invoice later but want to get you up and running, starting to use EnglishCentral.

Want to know our local discounted Academic pricing  beforehand? Simply contact us telling us how many Academic seats you’d wish to order and we’ll send you our discounted Academic rates for your region.

Enjoy using EnglishCentral!


  1. Hello, I want to know how can I enrrolled my students at English Central? I cannot downlead the ENROLLMENT FILE.
    Can someone give me the prices or the process that I need to follow?


    • Hi Titus,

      Sorry for the late reply. I’ve sent your request to support and they’ll be in touch shortly. But to answer in general.

      1. After you register as a teacher – http://www.englishcentral.com/academic You create a class in your school. This class is a class page and URL. Students go to that page and enroll in the class. You can invite them by email, just click Manage – students – invite students and enter their email addresses. When they visit the link, they’ll register briefly and then start studying the video lessons you selected on your class page (or courses). It’s pretty simple. See our Getting Started guide for teachers – http://englishcentralteachers.com/products/teachers-guide/

      2. pricing depends where in the world you are and is local. Schools purchase seats for set durations and when a student enrolls, they get one. Seats can be re-assigned to other students providing a flexible use model and schools get full control and value for the seat. Find out more about pricing by contacting us through our Academic page. http://www.englishcentral.com/academic?setLanguage=en even more of a value because now every student gets a free level test with an actual trained teacher 1 – 1 online.


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