EnglishCentral Introduces A Level Test and Go Live!

level testWe are super excited about our latest release.

A new look and dynamic interface will improve the user experience of all teachers and students.

In addition, students now get a free level test. Just click the button beside any video and schedule a convenient time. Students will get a Level Test Report  and a recommended study plan.

Further, our Go Live! tutoring service offers all learners 1-1 lessons with experienced English language tutors.

A convenient way to improve your English with lessons designed around each video.

Find out more about these features in our promo video.

Here’s a view of our new video browse page

new look

Here’s what Go Live! looks like. Learn more in our Go Live! promo video.

level test


  1. Please give back the “sorting courses by level” option. I want to find course to learn from the easiest level to the most difficult level to learn. And the Android app, it does not list all the courses I’ve register, just a few one. Please give the problem. Thank you very much.


  2. Thierry says:

    I recently discovered the GoLive function you add and I really really appreciate it !!
    It’s *the icing on the cake*
    I got a level test and a one-on-one convo and I strongly enjoy the friendly teachers, their advices and the full report after each dialog. Now englishcentral has a full offer of reading/listening/writing/speaking/

    You can be proud of this new feature !


    • Thanks Thierry!

      We appreciate you taking the time to give feedback to us. We believe self-learning can only go so far. Learners also need to use the language they study with other real people. Go Live! helps achieve that and provide students the opportunity to communicate in a live, real, moving situation. Glad you like it!



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