May 2015 Newsletter

Teachers’ Newsletter:  We’ve Got FAQs!

Dear EnglishCentral Teachers,

It is mid-semester or school year for many programs. A time to focus on results and the day in and day out work that helps students progress.  We are here to help our teachers and here are a few items that might be of interest.

Thank you to all teachers who filled out our recent Teachers’ Survey. We are busy processing the feedback and results and will share them soon.

  1. webinar Webinars now more convenient.We’ve listened to teachers and now have an additional weekly webinar for the Asian time zone in addition to our morning North American time. Come join in and ask all your questions. We’re here to help you use EC effectively. .
    Sign Up For A Weekly Webinar  >>>>
  1.  faqWe’ve got FAQs! We want teachers to find out all the need to use EnglishCentral effectively as a tool to support their students’ learning. This new dedicated page of FAQs will help immensely we believe.Go To The FAQ page  >>>    
  1. news In The News ….

4. Our iPad app now has Phoneme Speech Feedback

Students can now select a word or expression and in addition to the in-context definition, get phoneme by phoneme speech feedback – just like online. They can hear each sound and really help improve their pronunciation.


.Read more >>>

5. Our Teachers Speak Up!


6. New & Highly Recommended Content

Asking & Giving Opinions

Asking & Giving Opinions

The Force Awakens

The Force Awakens

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