FAQs By Teachers

faqWe are constantly trying to best communicate the features of EnglishCentral and especially how teachers can use the platform to make their own courses for students.

We have a monthly newsletter.  We also do lots here on this blog.  As well, teachers can view our Academic Page to get vital information about the platform.  Or get resources and guides on our resource sharing site. Or how about viewing video tutorials? Further, teachers can contact us directly with their questions or find an answer in our Help section. We also offer weekly webinars for all teachers. Last but not least, stay informed and ask questions in our Facebook Teachers’ Group.

However, we’ve listened to some key teachers and their request that it would be very helpful to have a list of FAQs, frequently asked questions by teachers.  So their wish is our command and we’ve built a strong list of these questions that might help teachers use the platform well. We’ll be refining the list and updating it constantly. We’d also ask that if you have a question you think deserves to be there – please send it along as a comment here or by email – teachers@englishcentral.com. We’ll get it up on the page, asap. A big thank you to all teachers in advance!


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