EnglishCentral – Your 24/7 Local Language Gym

language exerciseAs the Academic Director of EnglishCentral, I have to quickly describe EnglishCentral.   It’s not easy, there is so much to our platform. However, if I have to describe it quickly to students and teachers, I say that it is “a language gym”.

Learning English isn’t easy, neither is keeping fit. You have to do it daily, keep at it.  The gym can be your place to stay language fit, to get stronger, fitter, faster.  Sure, students need a great coach and trainer. But that’s not enough, they also need a place to workout. That place is EnglishCentral, your 24/7 community gym. We have the equipment to help you, we have the motivating place that makes exercising easier.

Here’s a couple fun commercials illustrating my point.  Have you had your language exercise today? Or teachers, have you sent your students to the gym to keep fit?  It’s easy to get to the gym, now with our apps, you don’t even need to leave your bed!


  1. Piroska says:

    English Central became not only a great coach and trainer for me but excellent
    entertainment every day.
    Multiplicity of the videos open up a new window to the world. You can learn new words
    and develop your pronuntiation. They lend a helping hand to keep your brain fit.
    There is a wise old proverb: ” More brain than brawn.”


    • Hi Piroska,

      You are the best coach and trainer! We just provide the mirror and so important learners become self-aware, self-correcting and autonomous like yourself. Great to hear from you, an EnglishCentral superstar. Thank you for the wise words.


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